Helen Maynard Photography @ Brushstrok.es

It truly is a joy for Brushstrok.es to work with such inspiring and talented photographers as Helen.

Helen is a female professional documentary/photojournalist wedding photographer of weddings and civil partnerships. She is also a photographer of babies and young children. She has a gift for artistically capturing emotional and life affirming moments and will take amazing photographs of your wedding that you can look back on and enjoy forever.

Helen is a wedding photographer based in Ely Cambridgeshire but also shoots weddings in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London, Hertfordshire and some parts of Lincolnshire.

As well as the documentary wedding photography, during the day, at an appropriate moment Helen shoots the bride and groom alone for between 10-20 minutes only, thus allowing them to spend as much time as possible with friends and family. She is also happy to shoot up to 8 formal group shots of the bride and groom's choosing.

Helen loves weddings and loves being part of one of the most special days in a couple's life. She feels that to be present at a wedding day full of happiness and love is a real privilege.

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About "Bump and baby" photography

"Bump and baby" photography is a popular choice for parents who have such hectic lives and don't wish to lose the chance to capture and treasure those first incredible moments of the new addition to their family.

Helen also loves capturing this very special time in a newborn baby's life... a time that can never be repeated and is so treasured by Mum, Dad and family. And of course, many ladies prefer having a female photographer come to their home. 

(Please note: the images below are Brushstrok.es renditions from Helen's superb photos)

Those special moments begin before the baby is born and while mum is expectant. Helen loves to shoot the miracle of life, beginning with beautiful 'bump' maternity photography as well as images beyond a newborn shoot, that capture the beauty in growth and development of an amazing little personality that is as individual as each baby itself.

Helen shoots using natural lighting (no upsetting flash photography) and entirely in the baby's home, which means for the 'bump' photography, the Mum-to-be, as she grows much bigger, has the convenience of Helen coming to her in her own home. No complicated schedules, no travel, no stress for mum - after all, this is a very special time. 

And once the baby is born this means that a shoot can also be done in the comfort of the home whilst Mummy and baby are recovering in the first few weeks, when tiredness and time are a big factor. As baby grows and begins to interact with the world around it, a shoot done at home where all the toys and surroundings are familiar to the child makes for a more relaxed and natural photo shoot. It is less stress for mother, child (and indeed father) alike. You can see in the video below just how fun and relaxed Helen's child shoots are, allowing your child to really show their personality and happiness.

Regardless of setting, all Helen's photos have a documentary/reportage style that in years to come will take you right back to the moment they were captured, reminding you of what you felt at the time with your precious newborn babe or when you finally said "I Do!"

Being in demand, Helen make herself available on a regular basis within Cheshire and Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk and the Scottish Highlands (at least twice a year) - but also shoots throughout the entire UK.

Brushstrok.es works closely with Helen to make her photos available as contemporary inspiring paintings that create a spectacular personalised memory of your child/children or "Big Day" to last a lifetime.  (see slideshow above)  

You can contact Helen through brushstrok.es or directly at her own photo girl website.