Winter draws in, and the frost bites hard.
Its teeth are sharp and it won't let go.
The clammy cold presses in, and snow-
flakes tumble blindly from the nothingness.


Every edifice is decorated with buntings
of fragile frozen fingers of water, clear
as glass. And the low subdued sun, with sheer
timeless persistence, penetrates every drip.


The world halts; vegetation completely 
frozen in rigor mortis. And
the dead, sparse land 
sleeps - in silence.


Life submits to the harsh battle; even 
the bones of hard burly creatures will 
shiver and shake when the cruel chill 
of winter attacks.


And yet, in all its brutality, bleak 
weather is driven away. And when 
life resumes its perpetual vigour again, 
the skies brighten, and nature lives in harmony.