Stella-Bjorn-3930-ex-2-LR_Painting-LR.jpg is my digital painting service in addition to Nik Sargent photography.

You might have noticed that my photography often has a "painted" look - quite regularly I mix some painted elements into my photographs to give them a unique look (see right). 

With my service, I will create a full digital painting, turning a treasured photographic memory or portrait into a unique artistic, hand crafted and beautiful painting that will make its viewers go WOW!!!

As a special offer, I provide basic paintings and digital processing for FREE!!! Just join me on my facebook page, post your photo and each month I'll turn the best ones into an amazing painting for free! [check out the examples].

Need a gift idea?! A Brushstrokes digital painting makes an amazing gift for the person who already has everything.

What I've found over the years is that people really love imagination and inspiration injected into their pictures - the process is simple, I work from an digital photograph to create an image that looks exactly like a painting, or has a painted feel. My clients are often wowed by the final effect and amazed at what's possible from even quite low-quality original images (e.g. from a mobile phone camera). 

My Services include: 

  • creation of stunning original digital artwork from photographs, including specialist paint effects
  • photo restoration and re-compositing
  • breathing a professional new look into poor quality, damaged and badly processed images (e.g. shaky mobile phone images, historical photos etc.)
  • drastically improving the quality of small, damaged, shaky, noisy or otherwise low-quality images using professional software and techniques
  • a range of creative and spectacular images available as prints, canvases and gifts

What is a Painting like?

My paintings are lovingly hand-created using the latest state-of-the-art digital painting and illustration system which reacreates the texture and intensity of traditional natural mediums, and also allows entirely new mediums and effects. It's the best combination of the photographer's studio and the artist's studio brought together to create delicious imagery.

These are not ordinary images: although we live in a world surrounded by carefully manipulated photographs, my images go even further and I'm fairly sure you won't have seen anything quite like them. images contain all the texture and detail of the source medium, be it fine bristle brushwork, sponge, chalk, pastel, pencil, ink, water, impasto, and so on.

When examined close up, the detail breathtaking and when printed on canvas creates a piece of artwork that will not only be cherished for years, but become an instant over-dinner talking point.

Services for Professional Photographers images provide a unique opportunity for professional photographers' prints, albums and canvases. They differentiate the portfolio and offer clients something magical over and above an existing photoshoot. A Brushstrokes painting is perfect for transforming the signature image from landscape, wedding, christening, pet, classic car, maternity & bump, baby & toddler, glamour or boudoir shoot into a memorable piece of artwork that will have clients bursting to tell their friends and family about their experience. 

We will also work with clients' own treasured photos to create their own memorable masterpieces. paintings are tasteful and timeless, capturing memories in a unqiue way that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Why not browse our gallery for some inspiration?