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Welcome to - providing a premier service to Professional Photographers with the creation of stunning original digital artwork from photographs.

Nik is always looking to partner with talented photographers to expand each other's portfolio and offer original and unique products. We have an established partner programme that allows you to add to your workflow and sell our unique imagery to your clients, or provide stock images for general sale on a royalty share basis. We have a guide explaining these options - simply supply your contact details if you wish to know more.

What we can do for you...  

Our beautiful paintings are hand-created using the latest digital painting and illustration system to not only recreate the texture and intensity of traditional natural mediums, but to create entirely new mediums otherwise impossible (such as combining watercolours and oils). We also employ specific techniques (think of it as our "secret recipe") to create dynamic effects that are unique to

8F8T047422945_Painting (pat b 3).jpg

[source Photo courtesy of Pat Bloomfield]

These are not ordinary images: they are a world apart from images created using photoshop actions - no matter how sophisticated such actions claim to be. In fact, that's part of our guarantee. images contain all the texture and detail of the source medium, be it fine bristle brushwork, sponge, chalk, pastel, pencil, ink, water and so on.

When examined close up the detail in our paintings is simply breathtaking and when printed on canvas creates a piece of artwork that will not only be cherished for years, but become an instant over-dinner talking point.

Our images provide a unique up-sell opportunity for your professional prints, albums and canvases. They differentiate your portfolio and offer clients something magical over and above their existing photoshoot. They are perfect for transforming the signature image fromlandscape, wedding, christening, pet, glamour, car, family or boudoir shoot into a memorable piece of artwork that will have clients bursting to tell their friends and family about their experience. Above all, it enhances your brand and reputation for high quality imagery with a difference. integrates with your workflow with utter simplicity

Most photographers offer digital processing as part of, or an addition to, their digital workflow. seamlessly becomes part of that workflow: think of us as outsourced digital processing, in the same way you outsource your lab and printing work. You take your clients' orders, send us your source images, we process them and return them for a fixed fee.

You are then free to fulfil the product on the medium of choice (canvas, acrylic etc.) in the normal way and bill the client at your retail price. It couldn't be easier! paintings are tasteful and timeless, capturing memories in a unqiue way that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Would you like to be an exclusive featured photographer? 

By working with you become one of a select few hand-picked photographers with the opportunity to extend your brand and product offering as well as draw new work direct from clients. Because we carefully select photographers by region, style and subject matter, you can enjoy an exclusive relationship for referrals of clients who want a painting and need a photoshoot to start the process. That's right - we send you customers. works tirelessly in the background direct with consumers to build our brand and generate demand; so, not only can we refer clients to you directly, but you could find your customers have already heard of us!

If you'd like to work with to enhance your portfolio and offer something unique and original to your clients, contact us now to discuss options.