Business Books

This is an initial list of some of my favourite business books - the ones that I consider to be stimulating and challenging and full of insight. OK, so maybe a few of these have strayed into psychology and behaviour - but of course, this applies equally well in business too.

This is one of my favourite business books of recent times. John Seddon is passionate about the failings of "command and control" mentality and in this book explains in simple terms how to architect an organisation based on the principles developed at (amongst others) Toyota. He is renowned in the public sector for fixing organisations and tackling dysfunction from the point of view of Value Demand and Failure Demand. These concepts also find their way into Lean and Six Sigma disciplines. 

The Negotiating Game
By Chester L. Karrass

This is an oldie but totally timeless classic. Some simple and basic principles for great business (and non-business) relationships