The Totally No-Quibble Guarantee

We believe the quality of our work speaks for itself (see testimonials). That quality is paramount because our primary objective is to deliver you a product that leaves you feeling delighted - we wish to settle for no less.

To that end, we offer a no-quibble guarantee for your paintings. That means you don't have to pay a penny until you have approved a proof version of your painting, which will then be provided to you in Hi-res format or printed on the final medium, depending on what you have ordered.

If you wish to discuss minor changes to your proof painting we are happy to accommodate this (within reason) at no extra charge. This is all before you have paid. Only once you have received and approved your painting will you be billed.

This means you can order your paintings at no risk, safe in the knowledge you will only pay for it once completed to your satisfaction

*please note: if you are working with one of our featured photographers, you may be billed by them for the photography shoot/images independently of your painting. Our chosen photographers offer their own guarantees for their work.