We have to have a wee bit of "small print" because we're dealing with digital images and various legal rights (including copyright) exist in the material. We've tried to outline things simply below:

About YOUR photos

  • You MUST own the rights to the photo you supply to us. This means you cannot simply provide a photo that was taken by a photographer for you unless you have their permission. You need to get the permission of whoever took the photo to allow brushstrok.es to create a "derivative work".
  • You own the copyright in your images and this will always be the case - this means YOU own the image rights in your picture and unless you assign them, no-one else (including us) can copy or use your pictures without your permission.
  • By providing your picture(s) to Brushstrokes you agree that you provide that permission to store, manipulate and publish your original images (otherwise we can't do our work) and adapt them as required.
  • Please Note: we reserve the right to place your pictures on our website (which may include "before & after" comparisons) and for other promotional purposes, including on our social media sites.

About OUR paintings

  • The images (paintings) WE create (from your pictures) are copyright of Brushstrokes and you only have permission to use them in the manner we allow. In general we are very flexible about how you can use our images, but they remain OUR copyright.
  • We grant YOU permission to print and distribute the images created FOR you (from your photo)
  • We DO NOT grant anyone permission to use our general portfolio images in any way (i.e. the ones not specifically created for you).
  • We reserve the right to charge for enhancements to paintings we create for free, including (but not exhaustively) removal of watermarks and supply of high-resolution versions.

 You must agree to the above terms and conditions in order to use the Brushstrokes service and use of our service will be deemed as acceptance of these terms.