"Fine Art and Fairy Tales"

I am a professional photographer and digital artist. I particularly specialise in fine-art contemporary landscape and portrait photography, and I especially love shooting in Scotland and creating images with a "fairy tale" feel.  

My official gallery of photographs and digital art is at inpictur.es - where you can order prints and canvases and also purchase digital downloads; most of my images are available as smaller free downloads too! My Nik Sargent photography blog is over on my gallery too.  


I have been taking photos ever since I won an instamatic camera at age six. As a child I remember experimenting with 3D pictures by taking two different shots of the same scene. Of course everything was film and print back then. I blew my pocket money pretty quickly! 

I had the wonderful privilege of growing up in the wild, open and unspoilt surroundings of the Scottish Highlands, so inevitably my love affair with Scotland's staggering landscapes began there along with an understanding of composition and light forms. Over the years I've developed a style that pushes the boundary between photography and art. 

I specialise in landscape and all forms of portrait photography - you can find more about Nik Sargent Photography services here

Digital Painting

As an extension of my photography, I also produce digital paintings. These are extraordinarily detailed "paintings" created on the computer, using a photograph as the starting point. I do this under the brand name brushstok.es. As well as accepting commissions and pursuing my own projects, I have a vibrant Brushstrokes fan page on facebook where I offer free trial paintings. 

You can find out all about Brushstrok.es at the dedicated Brushstrok.es page


Awards and Accolades

SWPP Gold and Highly Commended Award Winner

I'm delighted to have won both Gold and Highly Commended awards in the SWPP's (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) international photo competition. Gold is the highest marking awarded, representing images of the highest possible standard.


500px.com & Viewbug.com featured

A number of my images have been selected to feature on international gallery sites. "Angel of the Night Sky" was selected as Editor's choice on 500px.com. "Light and Stone" was featured on the front page of the gallery site viewbug.com

Tiffen Featured Imagemaker & Award Winner

You will have heard of Tiffen if you're seriously into photography and movie making. Well known throughout Hollywood, for many decades they have been the leaving provider of photographic accessories, such as filters, lighting and steadicams. They now also provide world-class image and video processing capabilities in the digital domain.

Over the years they've selected and interviewed a number of featured Hollywood "movie makers" but in 2010 I was thrilled to be selected as their very first featured imagemaker for stills. It's a genuine honour to be recognised by the industry in this way, alongside the ranks of their recognised cinematographers, famous for work such as Superman, The Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Dante's Inferno, Terminator Salvation and many more. I subsequently was asked to produce a special Halloween image for their newsletter. 

Official Contributor the ARKive project

In 2011 I was approached to contribute some of my Bumblebee macro photography to the ARKive project. The ARKive project is an initiative by Wildscreen to document and preserve the World's wildlife through the use of powerful imagery. In their own words "ARKive is leading the ‘virtual’ conservation effort creating comprehensive and enduring multi-media species profiles; complementing other species information datasets, and making a key resource available for scientists, conservationists, educators and the general public."

Wildscreen themselves are a not-for-profit organisation with Patrons including Prince Philip and Sir David Attenborough. It is a privilege to be asked to contribute and have my photographs alongside greats such as National Geographic and BBC Natural History. A huge number of big names are backing the project including BirdLife International, Conservation International, English Nature, The World Conservation Union (IUCN), Natural History Museum London, RSPB, Smithsonian Institution, WWF.

This has definitely made the time spent dragging my camera gear through ditches feel very worthwhile. 

Associations, Outlets and Publications

I work with a number of leading photographic and imagemaking organisations and individuals, and my work has also been seen in various locations and publications, this includes:

Me On My Wall - high quality canvas prints & design based in the Scottish Highlands and shipping internationally. All of my images are licensed and available via Me On My Wall. 

Helen Maynard photography - Stunning documentary wedding photography and maternity and baby shoots: able to offer my brushstrokes painted imagery

Pat Bloomfield - Award winning wedding, glamour and boudoir photographer: able to offer my brushstrokes painted imagery

Optimax: promotional images for laser eye surgery

[Please note: there are photographers called Nick Sargent and Nikolas Sargent with similarly named internet sites, but they are not me!]