Getting hired depends on what you wear...

We may think of ourselves as a rather enlightended society, we may even have ticked the "diversity" box on our corporate and personal profiles. But we live in an "image conscious" society and it seems when it comes to hiring, this matters. The following research was conducted by the the recruitment firm, "The Ladders":

"You have relevant skills and experience, glowing references and a positive attitude, but I'm not going to hire you."

Many executive jobs candidates, while saying all the right things in their interview and presenting a perfect application, simply do not look the part when they walk into their potential employer's office.

A survey of 500 senior executives showed that more than three-quarters (76 per cent) of bosses in Britain would decide against hiring a job candidate because of their clothing — and 37 per cent having done this recently.

The managing director of, responsible for hiring a team of management professionals, says "personal appearance is something that has certainly had an impact on my recruitment decisions".

The Ladders worked with celebrity stylist Gabrielle Teare, who has been featured in a range of publications, such as Marie Claire and Esquire, to analyse the results of our survey and offer some top tips on what to wear for an interview.

The results showed that, ideally, men should opt for a tailored single-breasted navy suit with a white or blue long-sleeved shirt, low-key tie and cufflinks, and black shoes and socks.

Meanwhile, female applicants will be in the best position to secure their next executive position while wearing a mid-length black skirt, long-sleeved collared shirt or blouse, tights, high heels and pearls.

Gabrielle said: "Aim to be well groomed, elegant and professional — you will have more confidence and this will come across to the interviewer."

Never compromise on your appearance as your appearance reflects on your attitude, abilities and competency.