Eat, Drink & Be Atkins Compatible

Anyone that's tried a diet will soon enough probably hit some kind of "plateau"  where the weight loss stops. Even if it's not for an extended period, it's still disheartening - so it's important to try and look at the causes and figure out whether you're sticking to your diet plan as closely as you should be.

In the case of Atkins and low carb diets there are various reports that caffeine and artificial sweeteners (namely Aspartame) can contribute to a slow down in weightloss. Certainly when I hit my plateau recently, both those things were still in my diet - probably in raised quantities because I was drinking as a replacement to eating.

Cutting out the caffeine is easy, but cutting out Aspartame is much harder, when natural fruit drinks are out of bounds and most soft diet drinks contain it. However sucralose based sweetener is ok, so the challenge is on to find diet drinks that contain that rather than Aspartame. 

So far my search has thrown up two very palatable options:

  • Tesco Diet Dandelion & Burdock
  • Tesco Diet Cloudy Lemonade

I thoroughly recommend both drinks and I'm pleased to report my plateau is on the move again :-)