Make your own wake-up clock lamp with lifx

One of the first things I did with the lifx lamp in my bedroom was create a 'wake up lamp'. You know - a lamp that increases in brightness in the morning to help you wake gently.  

It was fine. Then one morning I had a flash of inspiration. 'Wouldn't it be great if it was also a clock?' 

it occurred to me, that since the lamp can change colour as well as brightness, the colour could be used to indicate the time, while the brightness helps to wake me up. And so the lifx wake up clock was born.  

Below is a screenshot of the scenes I have used to create this. My wake up period is divided into 15 minute Windows and each window is brighter than the last and a different colour and uses a slow ramp to smooth the change. The numbers in the theme titles indicate the target intensity, just for easy identification.  

A set of lifx scheduled to create a wake-up clock/lamp

A set of lifx scheduled to create a wake-up clock/lamp

My choice of colours follows more-or-less the rainbow, so that I can remember it in a hazy stupor. Of course, you could do anything. The idea being, then, that as I drift awake, the colour of the light tells me which 15 minute time window we are in. 

Simples. Now just waiting for the dark winter mornings to really test it out.