Could it be Aspergers?

An incredible lecture by Professor Tony Attwood.

I have never seen anyone so succinctly and roundly describe the wiring of an “Aspie”.
At the time of this video, 1 in 68 children are considered to have the autism spectrum disorders traditionally associated with Aspergers.

I wish this was mandatory viewing in every nursery, school and home in the country.

What's going on here?

I make no apology for the fact that over the years I have been quite a prolific content producer. I say "content" because my output is everything from songs and music to photos and art and writing in general. Oh, and of course unfinished websites by the dozen. Ever since I could coordinate my fingers I've been bashing them on various bits of gadgetry in order to create stuff.

This hasn't been helped by the fact that I first started publishing to the web roundabout 1993, which is actually before most people had heard of it. (Such is the privilege of working in telecoms). Consequently I have a virtual ton of material rather loosely assembled and scattered carelessly around cyberspace. It's got to the point where not only is it confusing for my audience, but even I am starting to wonder if I have multiple personalities.

So, I'm using this new website as a vehicle to try and draw some of it together, at least some of the better bits that are not going to make me blush (too much) - with the possible exception of my Loch Ness Monster story. One problem I do have is that the content I have produced on has become quite popular, and to move it to this site would do some of my readers a disservice; so while I ponder on this, I'm leaving that material where it is.

Some of the most popular material there is my commentary on mental health and since this is something I am deeply passionate about, I don't intend to disrupt it. However, I expect that any new ramblings will appear here. Or both. As a temporary kind of solution, you can try this mixed RSS feed of both sites