How to get your music on iTunes

the digital age has made it possible to self-publish your own music on the route to rock-stardom. Here's how you can get your music on the apple iTunes store as well as all the main digital download stores such as Amazon, Napster and eMusic.

Without doubt the advent of MP3s and the digital download age has revolutionised music forever. It's now possible for anyone with a PC and the right software to create their own music and recordings and make them available to the world without the merest hint of a record contract or a large record producing organisation to both invest or constrain the artistic process.  

However, in the absence of a huge marketing budgets it is essential to get your music into all the major online record stores and all the online download stores in order to reach the widest audience possible.

In my opinion the best way to do this is through the tunecore service. For a ludicrously low annual fee in the region of $20 they will make your digital music album available to all the major music retailers across the globe, including iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many more. It's extremely easy to upload your music just once to tune core who will then distribute it on your behalf to all the stores you select. This is a process you can complete in one or two hours and within a matter of a few weeks your album and recordings will be available to buy and download to hundreds of millions of Internet users all over the world. Tune core takes all the hassle  out of hosting and distributing your files, as well as collecting and is shooting the royalties you earn.   On top of that they provided information and advice on how to be successful in the industry.. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I have my own music published through tunecore.

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