The mysteries of supermarket pricing

Had to pop down to the local supermarket this evening to stock up in advance of the arrival of guests; which of course meant buying a few items I don't normally buy (such as breakfast cereal)(my brother eats breakfast, I don't).

Of course that meant scrutinising the unfamiliar prices even more closely than usual, as I'm always keen to get the best bang for my buck, grams for my pence, or whatever unit happens to be appropriate. Imagine my shock to see this (I was looking at the branded cereal as I had a voucher for 50p which made it cheaper than own-brand :) )

Lo and behold - 750g of crunchy nut cornflakes markedly cheaper than the smaller 500g box. Odd. Though not unusual for Tesco.


I decided to tweet my curious find and include the Tesco customer care team @UKTesco

I was surprised to get a response a short time later asking me which store. I was even more surprised to get the following response after that!
(You have to read from the bottom up)


So there you have it; crazy pricing due to ongoing negotiations, supposedly. In the meantime it pays to keep an eye on what costs what.