Lying in a ditch was worth it

Garden Bumblebee (Bombus Hortorum) resting in the sunI'm delighted to have been approached by the ARKive project to supply some of my pictures of Bumblebees to their Database. The ARKive project is an initiative by Wildscreen to document and preserve the World's wildlife through the use of powerful imagery. Wildscreen themselves are a not-for-profit, with Patrons including Prince Philip and Sir David Attenborough.

It is a privilege to be asked to contribute and have my photographs alongside greats such as National Geographic and BBC Natural History and other world-class image and film-makers. A large number of big conservation names are backing the project including BirdLife International, Conservation International, English Nature, The World Conservation Union (IUCN), Natural History Museum London, RSPB, Smithsonian Institution, WWF.

It's great to know that all that crawling through 10 foot ditches with the hope of not getting stung was not in vain, and has resulted in images that are worthy of documenting some of our precious Bumblebees for research purposes and for the benefit of future generations.

It's a great outcome to what has been an amazing year of discovery.