A Grand Entrance

it's been a busy few days on the bee project, the main activities have been:


  • collecting our used hamster-litter/bedding
  • ordering, "kitting out" and installing a second nest box in the main garden
  • keeping on top of all the new bee-friendly plants we've bought 
  • overhauling/changing the camera technology we are using, so that we can have a camera inside the nest box
  • trunking the video wiring under the path
  • installing some shelving over nest box 2 so we can surround it with plenty of suitable plants
  • tidying up the tech indoors; it was starting to look like an explosion in a CCTV factory!
  • improving the irrigation system to incorporate some of our new heathers
  • adding some pollen outside the nestbox

After our lack of success with Bee5 (trying to get her to enter the box herself) we decided on a change of strategy, which was to extend the fascia of the entrance so that we could 'dock' our capture pot directly to the box and so bumblebum could escape directly into the nest box. 

We used some cardboard to extend the entrance fascia and our wizard caught another red-tail.

Bee6 - Redtail

We introduced her to the new entrance and she when straight into the nestbox. Result!

new entrance fascia

This seemed to be a reasonable unstressful maneouvre for all concerned. 

Better still, with our new in-box camera technology we could see her moving about a little in the box. She was free to come and go, but she stayed in the box for almost 2 hours while we observed, by which time she would need to bed down. So, she is in the box for the night, all of her own choosing. This is the most excited and positive we have felt so far. Just hope she likes it and stays.

I will write a full article on the new camera tech - but suffice to say it is awesome to be able to see inside the box and also to hear inside there. The outside world seems so loud! Apart from the kids screaming and cars thundering by, we could even hear a honey bee outside on the heather, buzzing around. So, even when the picture is a bit dark, we are hopeful of hearing activity in the nest.

Our 2nd nesting site in the back garden - under construction