Into the Light

below is a short video compilation of a few clips from recent CCTV that caught our attention - it contains the following clips:


  • A bee that climbs out of the nest onto the box and then falls off! No idea what was happening there!
  • A bee flying out of the box into the morning sun - I just like the way it's backlit against the sun
  • Two bees leaving the box on after the other, turning round then taking off in reverse


I was rather bemused by the two bees that came out of the box and took off in reverse, wondering why on earth they would do that. And especially why two would do it in succession. Then of course it dawned on me (almost literally) - it was just at the time the sun was shining directly onto the front of the box, so I surmise they are avoiding the glare of flying directly into the sun and are instead launching in reverse. 

Is this a known behaviour?