Her Royal Highness, Queen Bee Fifi (Press Release)

We're delighted to announce that our Queen Bee in residence now has an official title

She was named by our charming 3-year-old neice, Chloe, as "Fifi".

Her full title is therefore, Her Royal Highness, Queen Bee Fifi (Bombus Terrestris Audax)

Like all good Royalty she is very committed to her duties, which include laying and protecting her eggs and helping them to hatch. She has an army of loyal servants who help her in this role, collecting food, helping to build the nest, repairing damage and aiding the new-borns. It's non-stop work.

She does of course keep her private life very private. Indeed, we have not yet had the privilege of seeing her. However, we remain hopeful of a sighting in the coming weeks when cameras will be allowed into her residence, as part of a "bee on the wall" documentary covering, quite literally, the comings-and-goings of bee-dom. 

There is a buzz of anticipation as we await the chance to see the royal hivehold at work!

There will be a naming ceremony in due course with the unveiling of a name plaque for the royal hivehold, designed by young Chloe herself.