3 Essentials for Shooting Macro Photography

Throughout the course of our Bumblebee journey I spent a lot of time photographing the bees (alive and dead) and trying to perfect my macro photography. This included buying an extension tube to allow me to get the camera within a few centimetres of my subject. 

I didn't do too bad, as I've already reported, some of my images were selected to go into the Arkive database as a permanent record of the world's species. 

I found the following article which discusses some tips and tricks of macro photography from acclaimed photographer Alex Hyde. 

So how do you get close-up photos of subjects that are literally smaller than a grain of rice, let alone get those creepy crawlers to sit still long enough to take their photo? Straight from the expert, here are Alex’s 3 essentials for shooting macro photography.

  • Be genuinely curious about your subject
  • Make the flash your best friend
  • Always stay aware and think critically


You can read the full article here.