The first post

Welcome to "I Talk Speech" (I think in my mind that's meant to be "iTalk Speech"), and thank you for dropping by.

For quite some time during my previous employment I was running and maintaining a library on the corporate intranet of snippets and tidbits of what was going on in the speech industry. Actually, it was a really useful resource. Whenever there was a business case or market requirements document to prepare, nearly all the data and information was at your fingertips in one place. I have this sinking feeling, though, that I was the only one that read it.

Now that I have moved on, I've decided that I should try and do something similar - moving to a blog format to perhaps engage more readers and promote interaction and discussion. A single place you can come to to find out what's moving-and-shaking in the speech technology industry. A smattering of News, View and Reviews.

I don't know if it will work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you'd like to provide feedback on how this resource could develop and be improved, please feel free to do so, as kindly as possible.