W3C examines the next generation of speech technology

[nik's note:]

The W3C on Tuesday said the next generation of VoiceXML will include specifications for speaker verification.

"Speaker verification and identification is not only the best biometric for securing telephone transactions and communications, it can work seamlessly with speech recognition and speech synthesis in VoiceXML deployments," Ken Rehor, newly elected chairman of the VoiceXML Forum, said in a statement.
The W3C has now completed its desired requirements for VoiceXML 3.0 and expects to have a working draft of the specifications by the end of the first quarter, said James Larson, co-chair of the W3C Voice Browser Working Group.
In addition to the speaker identification requirements for VoiceXML 3.0, the W3C addressed the issue of extending its Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) functionality to certain languages including Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

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