TravellingWave, Zi Team Up to Develop Advanced Text Messaging Using Speech Recognition

TravellingWave, a provider of speech-to-text software for mobile devices, and Zi Corporation, a provider of solutions for mobile search, text input and advertising, jointly announced signing a non-exclusive integration license that will enable mobile users with advanced text messaging using speech inputs.

This integration license will enable both companies to combine their technologies. TravellingWave's ‘VoicePredict’ speech-to-text software will be integrated with Zi Corporation's ‘eZiText’ and ‘eZiType’ text-prediction products, in order to facilitate mobile phone users with more advanced and accurate ‘speak and type’ text messages. This technology will open up new paths with respect to mobile messaging, search, discovery, and mobile advertisement.
Text prediction is a form of interactive machine translation. TravellingWave leverages speech recognition technology to enhance predictive text input. TravellingWave’s Predictive speech-to-text technology predicts words based on acoustics (speech) produced by a user in addition to the letters inputted (by the user), thereby providing quicker and simpler text prediction. [click heading for more]