top-VOX UK Launches Intelligent Pick by Voice Solution in the UK

The UK launch of the high performance solution for speech controlled picking and data capture heralds the start of the Thames Valley company, top-VOX UK, based in Camberley, Surrey.

The demands on such high-performance products are unrelenting. Logistics centres today are all about action. The forklift’s motor, lifting trucks being driven around and upset crates all combine to cause considerable background noise. Clearly, some Pick by Voice solutions are not able to cope under such conditions. It is a different story with the speaker-independent topSpeech-Lydia® system from leading European system provider topsystem. The system is being offered exclusively by top-VOX UK in the UK and the Commonwealth. Apart from sales, the company is also offering implementation, project management and maintenance of the software and hardware. The development of the noise resistant headset topSPEECH “NoiseMaster” signals the start for the company of a noticeable performance boost for Pick by Voice technology. The “NoiseMaster” reliably eliminates noise whatever the source. Totally in accord with problem-free order picking. Pick by Voice applications must also function reliably in tough and loud warehouse environments. Spoken commands and confirmations can be affected in this way by ambient noise and even be partly distorted. Regular and constant statistic noises can be filtered out easily with sophisticated software tools.Nevertheless, it is the strong dynamic noises such as the crash of a falling pallet that often interfere with optimal speech recognition. [click heading for more]