NuEcho Introduces the NuGram Platform at SpeechTEK 2008

[nik's note:]

Nu Echo Inc., today announced that it will introduce the NuGram platform at the SpeechTEK 2008 conference and exhibition in New York City, August 18-20.
While there are numerous effective speech application service creation tools on the market today, the lack of an effective grammar development solution has traditionally presented a significant obstacle to the development of increasingly complex speech applications.
In response to this Nu Echo is launching the NuGram platform. By enabling the development of both static and dynamic grammars, the NuGram platform provides a complete grammar solution that uniquely supports the full development and deployment lifecycle of speech recognition grammars.
The NuGram platform consists of two key components: NuGram™ IDE, an Eclipse-based grammar development environment, and NuGram™ Server, the dynamic grammar runtime solution. [click heading for more]