Why VoiceXML 3 is not just VoiceXML 2.2

Why VoiceXML 3?

As with many programming languages, future versions are expected simultaneously to provide new features and to be simpler to use.

VoiceXML 3
- is precisely designed
- is more extensible
- contains new features

VoiceXML 3 began with the functionality of VoiceXML 2. This functionality was split up into logical modules of related functionality. Each module is now being defined in detail, in two pieces: syntax and semantics. The syntax of the module is similar to the syntax for corresponding capabilities in VoiceXML 2, with the functionality and event behavior of the syntax defined in the semantics portion.
These modular pieces are collected into profiles that essentially are complete languages.

So VoiceXML 3 now consists of:
- a framework for developing profiles from modules
- an XML-based eventing system
- an eventing system for the semantic descriptions associated with the syntax of each module
- several modules, including new audio control capabilities
- two module definitions, one emulating VoiceXML 2.1 and one combining the range of functionality available in VoiceXML 3.0 
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