Conversive Announces New Speech Solution

Through its work in Web chat, Conversive has learned that many questions can be ably handled with one answer.  Unlike, it says, with previous ‘natural conversation’ speech recognition technologies, its speech solution readily recognizes the wide range of ways in which customers ask a single question.      Conversive’s speech solution works well in both standalone applications and in inbound call streams to divert calls to self-service. One of its key appeals is its ability to resolve a customer’s issues while they are on hold.  Instead of listening to music or a solemn voice indicating how many minutes remain before a contact center agent can take the call, a customer hears a voice asking: “How may I help you?”  The Conversive Speech Recognition solution turns the customer’s stated response into text.  Then, the Conversive Automated Conversation Engine matches the text string to the most appropriate response.  The answer is provided to the customer with a recorded voice.