Nu Echo Announces General Availability of NuGram IDE Basic Edition

NuGram IDE is a fully-integrated, Eclipse-based, grammar development environment. Used to create, debug, optimize and maintain static and dynamic grammars, it is one of the two components of the NuGram Platform, first presented at SpeechTEK 2008 in New York City as the first complete solution for speech grammar development and deployment.

Following a 6-month beta program involving several hundred users worldwide, Nu Echo is now making NuGram IDE Basic Edition generally available free of charge to the developer community. Designed to support the rigorous grammar development processes required in order to efficiently produce solid grammars, NuGram IDE Basic Edition:


  • Enables developers to author grammars using one single concise and legible format, regardless of the target speech recognition engine.
  • Offers a grammar editor with several advanced features, including syntax coloring, content-assist - code completion, quick fixes, code templates, etc. - and sophisticated refactoring tools.
  • Provides powerful grammar analysis, visualization, and debugging tools.
  • Provides tools to test grammar coverage and semantic interpretation correctness.