The NuBot IVR Application Testing Solution Can Now Be Tried For Free


Most people know that IVR applications should be extensively tested before they’re deployed. They should be tested to make sure that they perform as specified and that they will continue to do so under load. Yet, most applications are not tested nearly as much as they should, sometimes with dire consequences when a major problem is detected after the application goes live. One reason for this, naturally, is cost. Another reason is time, as slips in the project schedule often mean less time available for testing.

That’s where automated testing comes in. Automated tests should be a critical element of any IVR testing strategy since they can greatly reduce the time required for application testing, lower development costs, accelerate software release cycles, and increase application quality and stability.

Unfortunately, commercially available testing offerings are usually costly, complex to set up and operate, or both, which is why they are so rarely used. To address this problem, we have developed the NuBot Automated IVR Application Testing Platform, which we demonstrated this week atSpeechTEK 2009in New York City. The NuBot Platform is an affordable automated IVR application testing solution that is both powerful and easy to use.