Working at Verizon - 1 week in...

Things I like

  • It's a big company - you can do stuff small companies can't
  • The toilets smell nice (by which I mean the airfreshener has a particularly pleasing fragrance)
  • There is someone employed to come clean up the cups and glasses at the sink several times a day
  • Free tea, instant coffee and milk. Three outlets to buy freshly made filter coffee (and the prices are sensible)
  • All the IT and Facilities people I have met seem very friendly and welcoming
  • I'm in a great award-winning team of people that I already know
  • My team can really make a difference
  • The salad is awesome and excellent value
  • everything I learnt at BT Global Services is going to apply here


Thing I dislike 

  • It's a big company - getting things done can be a bit slow & frustrating
  • I've been issued with a blackberry / crackberry / crapberry / bolockberry - this has to be one of the most hideous devices invented. It is neither good as a phone nor good as a mobile computing device. It took me three days to work out how to make the font readable. Viewing a new text message takes 4 clicks as opposed to 1 on my Sony Ericsson mobile. (This could be a whole other blog).
  • It's 120 miles away from home
  • The canteen food is expensive (and I've already put on weight)
  • everything I learnt at BT Global Services is going to apply here