CNN says rock is dead? ran an article titled “What will save rock 'n' roll?” which included an interview with Steve Van Zandt and some others

The short version, in the article Steven, and others, claim people are not buying music and albums because “they suck” and bands don’t know how to rock.

Somehow, they feel, bands just don’t know how create music that inspires.

With all due respect, bullsh*t.  And shame on CNN for running a news story based on a few people’s uneducated opinions.

There is more music being created and recorded today then ever before in the history of humanity.  Although sheer volume of music creation does not make it good, the fact that more people are creating it certainly increases the odds. Hell, just having access to affordable gear and recording equipment (like your Mac) allows more music to come to life, both the terrible and the incredible.

What Steven and CNN don’t seem to know, or acknowledge, is that the real “music industry” is that thing over in the corner main-stream media is not reporting on and not aware of.

There are between 150 to 300 releases a day via TuneCore alone.  I have to suspect that Steven has heard perhaps less than a percent of a percent of them.  You want the opinion from the guy running TuneCore, now the largest distributor of bands, labels and music in the world, there is more great “rock”, “punk”, “dance”, “hip hop” “classical”, “funk”, “folk”, “country” etc etc than there has ever been before.  And this is why IT IS SELLING.

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