Resolvity's Platform Named 2007 Product Of The Year

Resolvity, Inc. announced recently that its Speech Application Platform has received a 2007 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation’s (TMC) Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, the leading publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices. Commitment to the industry's technological advancement, improvement in customer experience, were some of the criteria that led to the award.

Resolvity’s intelligent voice automation solutions help companies automate their customer support phone calls, thereby improving service levels and customer satisfaction while lowering support costs. These solutions are built on Resolvity’s Speech Application Platform. The platform consists of a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence runtime, a state-of-the-art Dialog Server, a framework for seamless integration with other call center systems, and extensive management reporting.
The platform has been designed with a focus towards developing solutions that are complex from a customer interaction standpoint and that require frequent “near real-time” modifications to respond to constantly changing business requirements.

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