Interactive Voice Response - 2008 tipped to be inflection point for Voice-XML-based IVR

2008 is tipped to be the inflection point for Voice-XML-based IVR. According to independent market analyst Datamonitor, the number of Voice-XML based IVR ports shipped will surpass traditional IVR ports for the first time. IVR automated systems save businesses money and employee resources, while making routine services and inquiries available to the public 24 hours a day. In its latest report, “Understanding the Changing Role of IVR in Evolving Infrastructures”, Datamonitor predicts global investment in IVR licenses will increase from $475 million in 2006 to $845 million by 2012 as the business climate warms up for Voice-XML platforms. By 2009 almost 69% of IVR shipments will be Voice-XML-based platforms.