BroadSoft Unveils RESTful APIs for Carrier-Grade Voice Application Mashups

[nik's note: is this the beginning of the end for voicexml ALREADY?? :-) ]

BroadSoft, Inc. today announced the availability of its Xtended Services Interface (Xsi), new RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) that will allow Web developers to integrate BroadSoft's carrier-grade voice applications with unified communications solutions and Web-based business and consumer applications, such as and Facebook.
The Xsi is the latest component to be announced as part of the BroadSoft® Xtended Program, BroadSoft's initiative for the creation of mashups that integrate BroadSoft's BroadWorks® VoIP platform with other applications that are already being used by millions. The RESTful-based Xsi allows subscriber and call resources to be accessed and used via HTTP and simple XML. This approach requires less client-side software to be written than other approaches and is becoming the overwhelming choice for developers to create Web applications. [click heading for more]