Loquendo Lets You Tell Your iPhone Who to Call

Speech technologies provider, Loquendo, recently announced the release of its very first iPhone (News - Alert) application, Dillo! The new offering is a voice dialer that allows users to say the name of the person or number to call and through speech recognition technology, the iPhone dials the contact based on solely the voice command from the user.

Review: iPhone voice dialers

After a year-and-a-half with my iPhone, I can’t imagine ever going back to my PDA and cell phone—the iPhone runs my life, telling me where I need to be and letting me stay in touch wirelessly. But for all its wizardry, it can’t obey my commands, something even my ancient Motorola phone did admirably. That makes it tough to call someone when I’m on the go and practically impossible to use when I’m driving.

For this round-up, I looked at eight apps that promise to let you make calls by voice command. None of them fill the bill perfectly, but they’re a reasonable alternative to dialing using the keypad or your contact list if you’re not driving. 
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