Loquendo Lets You Tell Your iPhone Who to Call

Speech technologies provider, Loquendo, recently announced the release of its very first iPhone (News - Alert) application, Dillo! The new offering is a voice dialer that allows users to say the name of the person or number to call and through speech recognition technology, the iPhone dials the contact based on solely the voice command from the user.

Lyrix and Loquendo Partner for Improved Speech Recognition

In a bid to further improve the functionality of their Mobiso service, Lyrix, a provider of speech-enabled collaboration solutions for large and distributed enterprises, has partnered with speech technologies provider Loquendo.   Lyrix’s speech-enhanced directories are used for Speech Attendants and Speech-assisted Mobile Address Books. The company’s PeopleFind platform also helps businesses with increasingly on the go workers to more efficiently communicate while also reducing costs.

Cordic Picks Loquendo for Speech Technologies

Fleet management solutions provider Cordic offers a highly innovative solution for taxi companies that automates taxi bookings. To voice-enable this offering, the company has chosen speech technologies provider Loquendo for their ASR and TTS technologies.   As per the partnership with Loquendo (News - Alert), Cordic’s cPAQ taxi dispatch system now includes IVR capabilities so that customers can book jobs, check on the progress of their bookings, and don’t have to speak to an operator or staff member to get information.

Saynergy: Lifelike Speech Interaction is Born

In a bid to improve lifelike speech interactions,
Vocalcom, Umanify and Loquendo have partnered to combine their respective technologies and create a digital assistant, Saynergy.

The new offering provides advanced natural language interaction and makes it possible for enterprises to improve user experiences with lifelike speech interactions that offer another level on interaction over the limited field of context and set commands of past systems.

For contact centers, this means the ability to manage open questions from their customers and helps solve complex questions through dialogue, just as with a live agent. [click heading for more]

Vocalcom Spain Picks Loquendo for Natural Language

Speech technologies play an important role in the contact center for the ability to improve customer interactions and the overall experience for callers.

In a bid to improve their product portfolio, contact center solutions provider Vocalcom has partnered with Loquendo for their ASR and TTS offerings.
Loquendo (News - Alert) ASR speech recognition technology is capable of recognizing a large scale vocabulary of continuous speech, even in noisy environments, and can be used for automated directory services and voice portals.
With Loquendo TTS, developers are provided with a number of emotional and lifelike voices that can be uniquely developed to fit specific needs in a number of languages. 
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Loquendo Speech Engines Featured in Interact's VIP V6 Platform

In a bid to make it even easier for customers to create advanced speech-enabled applications, Interact Incorporated has announced a partnership with Loquendo (News - Alert) to include Loquendo's speech engines on the company's new Voice and Information Processing (VIP) V6 platform.

Users have Loquendo TTS and Loquendo ASR technologies right at the fingertips thanks to the Loquendo MRCP Server so they can create high quality speech solutions and save on costs.
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VoxWeb and Loquendo Bring Speech Technologies to Spain

In a bid to bring speech technologies to even more people and places in Spain, Loquendo and VoxWeb Soluciones de Voz have announced they worked together to create speech solutions for local councils in the area.

VoxWeb Soluciones de Voz, a Spanish speech solutions company made use of Loquendo Speech Recognition and Text to Speech solutions to develop speech applications particularly to complement Web portal services. [click heading for more]

Loquendo Makes Speech Recognition and Text to Speech Available for iPhone 3G

Speech technologies provider Loquendo announced today that Loquendo Embedded TTS and ASR now available for the new iPhone 3G in more than 20 languages.

With their voice, iPhone users can select and play MP3 files, or use their device for voice-enabled GPS navigation, or to read aloud SMS and email messages. [click heading for more]