Voxify "Checks-In" for Continental Airlines With the First Speech Self-Service Flight Check-In by Phone

Voxify announced today that it developed with Continental Airlines the first interactive outbound flight check-in solution. Under Continental's new "Voice Check-in" service, customers will receive automated telephone calls allowing them to interactively check-in for flights over the phone.

With the Voice Check-in service, Continental's customers receive automated telephone calls 24 hours in advance of departure allowing them, through Voxify's automated speech recognition technology, to interactively check-in and specify whether they want to obtain their boarding passes by email, fax, or airport kiosk. The service also offers customers the ability to request complimentary elite upgrades when applicable, hear airport specific alerts or advisories, and receive carry-on and checked baggage policy information. Voxify's conversational speech capability enables such complex interactions to be successfully performed, end-to-end, through automated speech recognition. [click heading for more]