G-Force Delegates Experience SpeechStorm’s Outbound Speech Technology First Hand

SpeechStorm, (www.speechstorm.com) has today announced that it worked with its key partner, Genesys, to deliver an Outbound Speech notification to G-Force delegates which gave details of the welcome reception held last night. This outbound call, powered by SpeechStorm, proactively welcomed delegates, asked them if were planning to attend the welcome reception and based on their spoken response, advised them of the time and location of the welcome reception.SpeechStorm’s Outbound Speech technology gives organisations more than simple outbound notifications; it also allows them to interact with the customer to instigate and complete transactions such as insurance policy renewal notifications, outstanding bill payments and conducting questionnaires etc. These reminders or notifications significantly enhance a contact centres’ customer service programme, directly improving the customer experience and at a fraction of the cost of live agents. [click heading for more]