Vicorp strengthens its relationship with the US market

UK based Vicorp is delighted to announce its partnership with Newfound Communications, a US based speech solutions provider. Not only does the partnership increase Vicorp presence in the US market, but also broadens their portfolio.

Vicorp and Newfound Communications are established in their own countries, but this partnership presents both companies with exciting opportunities to extend their reach into the US and Europe.

"Our companies share the same desire to help organisations and developers deliver superior features, which enhance over-the-phone contact centre experiences for the end caller," says Craig Ashmole, Vicorp VP of Alliances and New Business.

"Newfound Communications have enabled us to extend our portfolio to offer assisted outbound IVR, voice recording and enriched self-service branding. This capability takes us ever closer to our mission to provide 100% call resolution for our customers. We are excited by the potential of this partnership."

Both Vicorp's and Newfound Communications' technology is XML based and complements one another for a richer integrated offering. Vicorp's service creation and execution environment, xMP, in conjunction with Newfound Communications' products including call recording, media mixer and outbound dialler all contribute to a stronger portfolio for both companies. In using Vicorp service creation and execution environment, xMP, Newfound Communications will now be able to pass onto their customers benefits such as editable and re-usable component technology. [click heading for more]